Therapeutic Movement

Movement as Medicine

Yoga and Qi gong Programs

Our therapeutic movement programs provide safe and non-judgmental approaches to supports a variety of health and personal growth goals. Our programs included guided movement and free expression to release tension and invite self-discovery. As a physical activity this type of movement has benefits that include cardiovascular, balance, strength, joint mobility and agility. The class is introduced with an emphasis on listening your own bodies – to participate in a way that feels good and is appropriate for their physical condition. In this way group members don’t feel pressured to ‘get it right’.

There are important benefits to emotional and mental health as well. Physical exercise has been proven to be one of the most significant components in treating depression. The concept of ‘self-care’ is an entirely new concept for many people. Participants have an experience of giving themselves attention and care – and learning how that supports other aspects of their lives beyond their physical health.